Thursday, March 1, 2012

PRIMED AND PURPOSEFUL: Armed Groups and Human Security Efforts in the Philippines by Soliman M. Santos, Jr and Paz Verdadez M. Santos

Excerpt from the Introduction:
"At the center of this book are the 'primed and purposeful' protagonists of the Philippines' two major internal armed conflicts: the nationwide Communist insurgency and the Moro insurgency in the Muslim part of Mindanao. Steeped in firsthand knowledge of the conflicts and containing the most detailed, insider-informed group profiles available, this book offers a deeper understanding of the country's many armed groups --- from the ideologically driven and militarily strong to the opportunistic and criminal. This volume argues that while these non-state armed groups and their offshoots are undoubtedly part of the human security problem in the Philippines, they must also be part of the solution."


"Primed and Purposeful provides the political and historical detail necessary to understand the motivations and probably outcomes of conflicts in the country. The volume explores related human security issues, including the willingness of several Filipino armed groups to negotiate political settlements to the conflicts, and to contemplate the demobilization and reintegration of combatants into civilian life. Light is also shed on the use of small arms --- the weapon of choice for armed groups --- whose availability is maintained through leakage from government arsenals, porous borders, a thriving domestic craft industry, and lax regulatory regime." - David Petrasek, Author: "Ends and Means: Human Rights Approaches to Armed Groups