Friday, December 11, 2009

Angry Days in Mindanao 2e, by Peter Schreurs, MSC

Angry Days in Mindanao: The Philippine Revolution and the War against the U.S. in East and NE Mindanao 1897-1908. 2e. by Peter Schreurs, MSC.  From the Foreword.  The first edition of this work was published in 1987 by San Carlos Publications, University of San Carlos, Cebu City. Since that edition is out of print by now, a new one is undertaken in the context of the first centennial commemorations (1998-1999) of the Philippine Revolution. The contents are wholly the same as in the first version: the reverberation of that Revolution and the subsequent American occupation in east and northeast Mindanao from 1897 till 1901... These pages are strictly intended as local history, covering the areas of the present two Surigao and two Agusan Provinces, plus a part of Davao Oriental. Other locations and events enter at times into the picture only in so far as they are relevant to the story and area in focus.

Tsinoy: The Story of the Chinese in Philippine Life

From ancient trade to modern industry, from vendors and outcasts in a separate enclave to taipans and pillars of mainstream society, the Chinese experience in the Philippines is a riveting saga of “fortune, misfortune, birth, death and rebirth.”
With insightful texts and expressive photographs -- many of them rare and never before published -- Tsinoy: The Story of the Chinese in Philippine Life presents the sweeping tale of the Chinese immigrants to the Philippines.
Both history and adventure, chronicle and trivia, Tsinoy: The Story of the Chinese in Philippine Life gives readers -- whether Filipino, Chinese, Tsinoy or foreigner, whether scholar, student or the plain curious -- a comprehensive and fascinating look at how the Chinese of ancient times came to be the Tsinoys of today.